Vichy (Vee-SHEE) Shower treatment

Vichy Shower is the ultimate luxury offered in a spa, and is a form of hydrotherapy that originates in 19th century in Auvergne, France, in the town of Vichy, where the famous mineral springs are located. The word “spa” is an acronym for "Sanitas Per Aqua", meaning “health through water”, and, in order to be called a spa, some form of hydrotherapy must be offered. We are one of the very few day spas in the US offering Vichy Shower/body scrub treatment designed to refresh and rejuvenate your body.

Vichy Shower Treatment

What is Sage Spa's Vichy Shower treatment?

This very refreshing and rejuvenating treatment lasts approx. 55 min and is performed by our massage therapist in a private wet room equipped with Vichy Shower system. As the guest lays down on a spa table, the rain bar extends from the wall over the guest to the shoulder area. The six shower heads are positioned so that they cascade over the guest's back and legs. 
The Vichy begins as a warm shower, with six jets of stimulating water invigorating the guest's skin. After few minutes of this luxurious shower, our therapist performs gentle body scrub, finishing it with shower to exfoliate the body. The scrub is followed by light massage with tropical oil deep hydration, leaving guest's skin silky smooth and deeply moisturized.

In addition to increasing the benefits of the natural products applied during body scrub, Vichy Shower boosts the immune system, hydrates the body, improves muscle tone and functions of internal organs.