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Dina G. - San Francisco. CA


I had a wonderful experience at Sage Studio Spa! Had the Vichy Shower Treatment and my skin is now glowing and feels refreshed! After I gave birth, my stomach skin was dull and had an uneven tone but after this treatment, it looked so even and alive, I can't wait to wear a bikini again! The therapist amazing hands worked my body with both intensity and care, she was so attentive to my needs and always ahead to ensure I'm comfortable. Unlike any other spa, they don't rush you out, they offer you a little something to eat and drink and allow you time to compose yourself before you hit the road. Will be back again soon!



Maria H.


Loved my Eucalyptus Sugar Polish at Sage Studio Spa! This was my first ever Vichy Shower and I did not know it was possible to feel relaxed and invigorated at the same time. The warm pulsating water combined with a brisk sugar polish made my skin tingle while my soreness melted away. Afterward, my skin was so smooth and glowing and my body (and mood) revitalized -- I felt years younger!



Elena C. - San Francisco, CA


I just had a Vichy Shower treatment today- wow! First of all it feels amazing to wash the stress and worries of the week off- perfect way to start my weekend. Secondly - therapist is amazing and makes all the products herself from scratch - everything is thought through and prepared from organic ingredients and with lots of love and care. The spa is warm, welcoming and the treatment is very enjoyable and left my skin glowing after application of hydrating oils. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to feel rejuvenated. At the end of the treatment while waiting I had a delicious lunch and water served to me, which was such an amazing touch!



Michelle R.


It had been a long week... You know how it goes: work, taking care of the kids (dogs in my case), and making sure everyone's needs were met! But what about my needs! That is when I decided to make an appointment with Sage Studio. It was finally MY time! What an amazing experience. I was greeted with a lovely smile and immediately felt at home. I knew, at once, that this was going to be great! I had never had a Vichy spa treatment and it did not disappoint. I left my appointment feel clean, soft, and relaxed. I also felt invigorated, like I was ready to conquer and finish out the week. Many thanks to Sage Spa!! I can't wait to visit again... This may need to become part of my routine :)



Yeni S.


I like to pamper myself once in a while. I’m glad I finally made some time to do that yesterday! I had an amazing experience here. The place is very clean, calming and relaxing. I had the lemon sugar polish, the therapist scrubbed thoroughly followed with six jets of warm water pouring down while the soft music played in the background as I floated away into bliss, and it was heavenly. The therapist was very attentive, she made sure the temperature was ok and that I was comfortable. Unlike other places, my face was covered with towel while the water was pouring on my body, preventing all the splashes on my face and also she gave me privacy when I turned my body. I love that she used only natural products, no endocrine disruptor as I am a strong believer of not putting anything on my skin that cannot be eaten. The products smell so delicious and left my skin soft and radiant. After the treatment was done, she prepared me some fruits and a bottle water. I really enjoyed my experience and will definitely return.



Carol P. - Larkspur, CA


Transformative! Sage Studio Spa is a serene oasis and a luxurious and indulging treat. I arrived stressed and tense and left deeply relaxed and blissed out. The Eucalyptus-Lemon Sugar Polish with the Vichy Shower treatment is amazing! Super calming and comforting. A friend had recommended it and I was skeptical. What can a fancy, multi-headed shower do? You will be amazed! The warm water seems to wash away the tension and the sound is hypnotizing. The therapist was really fabulous. She had a firm, healing touch and lulled the tension from my muscles with the soft water and her magic fingers. First she washes you with the most delicious smelling organic soaps made on site; then she scrubs you with a sugar scrub sloughing off all of the dry, dead skin; and then she massages a deeply hydrating concoction of her own making that leaves you with a soft, youthful all interspersed with cleansing rinses from the wonderful oxygenated water from the Vichy shower.



Anna H. - San Francisco, CA


My experience at Sage Studio Spa was fantastic! I highly recommend trying this new Lafayette spa. The spa had a tranquil atmosphere from the moment I entered, I loved my treatment, and the appetizer I was served while relaxing post treatment was a delicious surprise. I had the Eucalyptus-Lemon Sugar Polish Vichy Shower treatment. It was my first time having a Vichy Shower treatment and I will definitely do one again. Have you ever been in a nice warm shower and dreaded turning off the water and getting on with your day because it is so soothing and relaxing? I have, and I felt like the Vichy Shower was the ultimate indulgence laying under the hot shower while having my skin exfoliated. My skin felt amazing immediately following the treatment too. 


The technician I had was really knowledgeable and conscientious of my experience. Although the Vichy Shower isn't a massage treatment, she did do some massage during the treatment and was very skilled. I will definitely be back to have a massage at this spa too. After my appointment ended I expected to receive a water and be sent on my way as is customary in many spas. I was very pleasantly surprised when I exited the treatment room to be greeted with a very delicious and freshly made snack served to me on a silver platter. Overall an experience beyond what I've had at similar day spas and one I very much enjoyed. I can’t wait to go back!



Judy C.


This charming little spa is a piece of heaven on earth! I had the most deliciously fragrant body scrub with Eucalyptus-Lemon Sugar that I had to refrain from licking my own arms afterwards. Will come back again in a heart beat and try all the other treatments.



Barbara H.


How exciting - A deluxe French spa treatment now available in the Bay Area!! I walked in with dry, scaly skin and walked out with baby soft skin all over. The organic, handmade Eucalyptus sugar scrub, soaps, creams are exquisite, and a great counter to the ravages the drought is taking on all of us. The treatment is relaxing and great for the 'chi'. Best of all, my husband is a fan.:). Two thumbs up!



Karen C. - Royal Oaks, CA


After a long day at work I had scheduled an evening of pampering. The location was great and easy to get to. I had a eucalyptus-lemon sugar polish followed by a Vichy shower which is a French hydrotherapy treatment. I've never had before but oh I was in heaven. I was so relaxed and the pressure and water temperature was perfect. I could've fallen asleep. Such a wonderful relaxing experience. The woman running the place was absolutely adorable. So sweet and attentive and even made sure I was hydrated and fed before leaving. The one thing to remember is dealing with water so plan accordingly if you have an event after to bring your hair stuff in case it gets a little damp. I will definitely be making this a monthly routine :-)



René R. - San Francisco, CA


This week I had a WONDERFUL spa "experience" I'd highly recommend to everyone who needs to pamper themselves a bit.  I had a Vichy Shower and French hydrotherapy treatment completed with a Eucalyptus-Lemon Sugar Polishbody scrub. My skin was invigorated, glowing and refreshed! Since I have sensitive skin, it is very important I use the right products that won't cause irritation. All of their products are all natural, organic without any synthetic chemicals. I loved them so much I wanted to take them home to use as well. The staff and therapist were very courteous, highly skilled with excellent customer service addressing my specific needs which is their number one goal. They are also reasonably priced compared to some high-end hotel spas and are centrally located in beautiful Lafayette. I highly endorse Sage Studio Spa and will return soon!!



Carol B. - San Francisco, CA


Last week I indulged myself with the Eucalyptus-Lemon Sugar Polish to moisturize and polish my skin. It was a luxurious treatment for my entire body, leaving my skin supple, hydrated, and smooth, like a teenager. I would recommend this treatment to anyone, before wearing elegant or summer apparel, to stuff away dry skin, caused by all this dry weather. Sage Studio Spa definitely has a French ambiance and the owner, who studied European treatments in France, certainly knows how to sooth and pamper her clients! Enjoy!



Karina G.  - Daly City, CA


I recently had my first Vichy Shower at the Sage Studio Spa and it deserves all the praise. As I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by the therapist and let me highlight the fact that Sage Studio Spa has an *outstanding* customer service. Their impeccable attention to details won me over. Throughout the treatment I was asked how the water temperature was and how comfortable I was feeling. When it was time to turn to the other side, I like that the therapist lifted the towel in order to give me some privacy. I was given a body exfoliation with an organic, hand crafted body scrub plus a coconut hydration, which helped my skin stay smooth and hydrated for a few days. At the end of the treatment I was parched but to my surprise, she had a healthy chicken salad finger sandwiches with a bottle of water waiting for me.


So here's my advice: treat yourself to a Vichy Shower treatment (apparently all body treatments come with this shower) or give it as a birthday, anniversary or as a prenuptial gift to a bride or your bridesmaids. The Sage Studio Spa's Vichy Shower is truly a great way to detox body and soul and recharge your energies. I'm definitely coming back for more and I highly recommend you to give it a try. But don't try a Vichy Shower at a different place. Get the Vichy Shower from the Sage Studio Spa. The customer service is amazing.



Angela S. – Pleasanton, CA


I never had a spa Vichy Shower treatment before, so I decided to give it a try. It was a surprisingly good and invigorating experience. The therapist was very knowledgeable, explaining each step of the treatment at the right moment, and always ready to listen to me, and making sure I had the best treatment for my needs. There was high quality professionalism from the moment I stepped in until I stepped out of this spa.



Margaret C. Walnut Creek, CA

I had many spa treatments in my life, but this experience at Sage Spa was truly unique. The atmosphere is very calm, very relaxing, the service outstanding. The therapist explained each step of the treatment, so I knew what to expect next. I chose the lavender scrub and my entire body was scrubbed with it, while warm water from the Vichy shower massaged my skin. It was so relaxing! The treatment ended with coconut oil being applied to my skin. What a treat! I am definitely coming back for more.


Marina N. – San Francisco, CA

Take off your jewelry and lie yourself naked on the treatment table and drape a towel over your privates. Then the therapist enters and the treatment begins with warm big plops of water. Your body is cleaned and rinsed by the therapist moving a big arm of showerheads. Then you can choose lavender orange or lemon eucalyptus sugar scrubs or a salt scrub. I chose the lemon sugar one and it had a great delicate smell and

texture. It felt great to get exfoliated with this stuff. First the top of my body was scrubbed and moisturized with coconut and avocado oils and then I flipped over and my back was scrubbed and hydrated. I am so super soft now, dead skin gone. Then I was given a bottle of water and a little chicken salad sandwich with fruit. Nurturing, thorough, always mindful of keeping me warm, fat plops of water (instead of water jets that felt like needles), hydrating organic oils that didn't leave me greasy or sticky, and there was even some massage during the treatment. Highly recommend! I felt brand new!

Seonok L. – Sausalito, CA


Recently, I had one of the best spa experiences in the bay area. From the moment I walked in the lobby of Sage spa infused with sweet aroma of lemon and warm hospitality of the owner, Cristina, I knew I was in for a treat. I received an amazing sugar/lemon/eucalyptus body scrub that exfoliated and removed all the dead skin. Then, I was rinsed off with the invigorating waters from the Vichy shower and massaged with coconut oil by the gentle and knowing hands of Cristina. I loved every step of the experience from the customer service, to the products that were handmade by Cristina using all organic ingredients, and to the treatment itself. In particular, getting my body rinsed under the raining water from the Vichy Shower was an incredible experience.


When the treatment was over, I was given a bottle of mineral water and a delicious and healthy chicken salad sandwich. To top all this, I had an inspiring conversation with Cristina who was extremely knowledgeable of various organic skin products and resources for healthy living in general. My visit to Sage Spa will be a monthly rejuvenating ritual from now on. I highly recommend.



Sandra K. – San Ramon, CA

Sage Studio Spa is such a lovely place! Once I got there, I knew this was going to be an amazing experience. Everything was very clean and the staff was friendly. I was so pleased with my experience and service at the Spa! I look forward to returning, to visit Sage Studio Spa again soon (I liked the Healthy snack... Yuuummy)

Cristiane B. – San Mateo, CA

This was my first time at a spa with Vichy Shower. My spa experience here started with an amazing sugar body scrub to exfoliate and remove all the dead skin. I was rinsed off with the invigorating waters from the Vichy shower and massaged with coconut oil for a hydrating treatment. When the treatment was over, I was offered mineral water and a delicious and healthy chicken salad sandwich. My skin never felt this soft and smooth before. It is definitely an amazing skin treatment worth every dollar.

Lena K. – Walnut Creek, CA

Sage Studio Spa is such a treat! From the moment I walked in, I felt special and knew I was in good hands. I received a FANTASTIC sugar body scrub and Vichy Shower treatment. Visiting Sage Studio Spa for body treatments will be my routine as I was extremely pleased with my experience and service at the spa!

Jennifer S. – Emeryville, CA

I do love to be pampered, but finding the time for a body treatment always seems to take a back seat to other things. Not any longer! I'd always been curious about a Vichy treatment, and when I found this lovely little spa not far from my home, I couldn't resist. My host greeted me warmly, made sure I was properly settled in, and set to work. My goodness! A lovely body scrubs and massage, with warm summer rain cascading down, heavenly! Organic products, made in house, left my skin supple and hydrated. She took special care to ensure my hair didn't get damp (had a meeting following, my poor planning) which I truly appreciated. The organic snack and mineral water topped off a wonderful and truly relaxing experience. I will be back!

Alice Z. – Berkeley, CA

I had an incredibly luxurious and relaxing sugar body scrub + Vichy shower treatment here today with the sweetest Brazilian lady. Every part of the experience from the customer service, to the products, to the treatment itself was simply wonderful. I love that all the products used on my body are made in-house from natural ingredients such olive oil, brown sugar, coconut oil - nothing I can't pronounce. The Vichy Shower is also very special. Few spas offer this in the Bay Area and this was my first time experiencing the famed Vichy Shower.

Let me tell you: after coming directly from an 8-mile run in the Berkeley Hills, my tired & aching muscles were in HEAVEN as the water jets sprayed my body. The exfoliation was intense (just how I like it) and got rid of all the dead skin cells. When I emerged from my treatment I felt completely rejuvenated and my skin was as smooth and soft as a baby's bottom. Then to top it all off I was given a delicious, healthy snack of mini chicken salad open-faced sandwiches (also made in-house). Needless to say this place made my day. I will be back! Highly recommend!!!