The Vichy Shower: A Hydrotherapy Staple

vichy shower layout

The Vichy Shower is named after the city Vichy in France, where it originates from due to the five mineral springs in Vichy. The basic concept is to lay underneath five to seven shower heads which creates a waterfall-type effect on the your body. The the idea is very simple, but the calming sensation is quickly noticeable as the water acts as a light massage that allows your sore muscles to relax and unwind.

In addition to relaxation, the treatment is also known to boost your immune system - as crazy as that sounds. As the shower heads gently massage, they stimulate stronger circulation in your body and encourage blood flow throughout your entire body. This helps to detoxify your body in general to improve your body's internal functions, as well as alleviate cramps and other minor pains.

Treatments given on top of the Vichy shower may vary depending on where you are. Some spas choose to give massages to complement the shower, others may use scrubs and lotions, and others do nothing at all in addition to the shower!

All of our Vichy showers come with a scrub (you get your choice from 3 different options) and we often

offer our massages as add-ons for the shower - that's why our "Pamper Yourself at Sage" special is so popular and we recommend it to all newcomers. The shower helps your skin absorb the nutrients of the scrub, while also washing away any excess to leave your skin and body feeling refreshed, moisturized, and healthy.

If you've never experienced a Vichy shower as a form of hydrotherapy, but you're looking for a new day spa experience - look for one near you. And if you're near Lafayette, CA you know where to look.

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