What is the Vichy Shower? A Vichy Shower is the ultimate luxury offered in a spa. We are the only establishment in the East Bay to offer the Vichy Shower as part of our body treatments. The word “spa” is an acronym for "Sanitas Per Aqua", meaning “health through water”, and, in order to be called a spa, some form of hydrotherapy must be offered.


Shower            (Vee-shee)

What are the benefits of a Vichy Shower?

A Vichy Shower is a sophisticated body treatment that originates in 19th century in Auvergne, France, in the town of Vichy, where the famous mineral springs are located.


While laying on a massage table, six jets of stimulating water invigorate your skin increasing the benefits of the natural products applied during treatments.


In addition, a Vichy Shower boosts the immune system, hydrates your body, improves muscle tone and functions of your internal organs.

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Natural Body Product Options

All Vichy Shower treatments come with a scrub or body mask of your choice, followed by our Tropical Oil Deep Hydration to leave your skin silky smooth and deeply moisturized.

Eucalyptus-Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

Sugar may not be good for your diet but it can be a godsend for your skin! This body scrub starts with a combination of sugar and lemon-eucalyptus essential oils. A gentle scrub will exfoliate your body, removing the dead cells, while polishing your skin to reveal a younger and healthier you.

Salt Glow L'Orange Body Scrub

This salt polish combines Pacific Sea Salt with coconut oil and the relaxing, aphrodisiac and calming properties of orange essential oil. As we age, dead skin cells harden, making the skin look dry and flaky. You will feel the difference  as this treatment reveals the moist, healthy skin hidden beneath the dry surface cells. 

Honey Milk / Oatmeal Body Mask

This body treatment is like giving your body a facial. This luxurious enzymatic mask is applied into your entire body (except the face). Your skin  absorbs the enzymes from the raw honey and the rich amino acids from the oatmeal, making your skin feel soft and hydrated.