​Vichy Shower Treatment with Eucalyptus-Lemon Sugar Body Scrub and Light Massage
​65 min - $185


Sugar may not be good for your diet but it can be a godsend for your skin! This body scrub starts with a combination of sugar and lemon-eucalyptus essential oils. A gentle scrub will exfoliate your body, removing the dead cells, while polishing your skin to reveal a younger and healthier you. Besides being antiseptic and stimulating, eucalyptus essential oil can help with decongestion by cleaning and opening your nasal passages while helping to treat coughs, colds, and body aches. This Vichy Shower spa treatment is followed by the Tropical Coconut Deep Hydration.

​Vichy Shower Treatment with Salt Glow L'Orange Body Scrub and Light Massage
65 min - $185

This salt polish combines Pacific Sea Salt with coconut oil and the relaxing, aphrodisiac and calming properties of orange essential oil. As we age, dead skin cells harden, making the skin look dry and flaky. You will feel the difference  as this treatment reveals the moist, healthy skin hidden beneath the dry surface cells. This Vichy Shower spa treatment is followed by the Tropical Coconut Deep Hydration to seal in the moisture. 

Vichy Shower Body Treatment with Raw Honey Milk Oatmeal Body Mask and Light Massage
​65 min - $190

This body treatment is like giving your body a facial. This luxurious enzymatic mask is applied into your entire body (except the face). Your skin  absorbs the enzymes from the raw honey and the rich amino acids from the oatmeal, making your skin feel soft and hydrated. After the Vichy Shower removes the mask, our signature Tropical Coconut Deep Hydration will be applied to seal in the moisture.  Soothing and moisturizing!

Tropical Coconut Deep Hydration

This spa treatment is complimentary with all the Vichy Shower treatments. Start with either a body scrub or body mask, then a blend of coconut oil and sweet almond (or avocado) oil is massaged into the skin to achieve the perfect hydrating recipe, leaving it silky smooth and deeply moisturized without feeling oily. 


Swedish Massage
​50 min - $85      80 min - $130​   

This massage treatment uses five basic strokes to boost circulation, release tension, and alleviate sore muscles and joint pain. Swedish massage, with its long and soothing strokes, is also beneficial if you’re having trouble sleeping or simply need to relax. Aromatherapy available (extra $10).                                                              



The Ultimate Foot Massage
​30 min - $50      50 min - $75

Begin with a soothing Epsom salt and milk foot bath. The magnesium and sulfate in the Epsom salt help flush out the toxins and heavy metals from your skin cells, reduces inflammation, and eases muscle cramps and joint pain, and reducing inflammation. The added milk soothes and softens hard, calloused skin. This relaxing soak is followed by a massage treatment that uses gentle pressure on specific points to release pain and increase flexibility. 

Nurturing Provence Prenatal Pampering Paradise
​60 min - $115     90 min - $160

This relaxing massage is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness by relieving some of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps and headaches. We created this treatment for the ladies who would like to experience some extra nurturing through massage therapy.

Headache Be Gone
​30 min - $45      50 min - $70


A scalp and neck massage is a good way to stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath your skin to ease the tension, relieve pain by improving and increasing blood circulation in the scalp and brain. This massage treatment is wonderful if you suffer from tension headaches, or have a stiff neck and shoulders from sitting at your desk all day or even from sleeping with the wrong pillow.